Combine graphic design services to create a campaign of marketing materials. Let OceanWild Design develop online and/or offline promotional campaigns that maintain brand continuity and cohesively promote your business, organization, publications, promotions or events — across all platforms and marketing channels — to further their impact and visibility. Campaigns are also useful when it is necessary to establish, maintain and protect brand standards for all marketing materials. Whether it is a one-off project or one that goes on throughout the year, a professionally-coordinated campaign can increase brand awareness and help drive revenue.


With their main office located in downtown Salisbury, Maryland and a second location in the Health Pavilion in Millsboro, Delaware, Peninsula Plastic Surgery is truly Delmarva's most comprehensive plastic surgery center with highly-skilled board certified plastic surgeons, a nationally-accredited operating room suite and a time-tested laser center. Each month, they promote their specials and popular events through a coordinated marketing campaign, including magazine ads, matching in-house printable flyers, website images, social media ads and email campaigns. Visit: penplasticsurgery.com

Peninsula Plastic Surgery campaign

RENAISSANCE MED SPA — Monthly Specials

Partnered with the area’s leading plastic surgeons at Peninsula Plastic Surgery, Renaissance Med Spa is an award-winning medical spa that specializes in the latest non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures to provide effective treatments in a relaxed, professional environment. Offering monthly specials and events that happen throughout the year, Renaissance Med Spa announces their promotions, events, new products and new services through a monthly campaign, including in-house printable flyers, website images, social media ads and email campaigns. Visit: yourrenaissancemedspa.com

Peninsula Plastic Surgery campaign

PARK PLACE JEWELERS — "Let It Snow" Promotion

With a bustling West Ocean City marketplace and a beachfront store along the Ocean City Boardwalk, Park Place Jewelers is a unique jewelry destination providing an exceptional customer experience. Renowned for having the area's most exquisite and captivating jewelry and diamond collections, Park Place Jewelers needed impactful branding for their very popular annual "Let It Snow" weather promotion during the holidays. A winter-themed logo was designed to provide better recognition as well as a solid link between their online and offline marketing collateral. Like most promotions of this nature, "Let It Snow" requires updated materials each year to create a fresh and cohesive campaign that includes billboards, digital billboards, postcards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, web ads, and social media ads. Visit: parkplacejewelers.com

Park Place Jewelers Let It Snow campaign

PARK PLACE JEWELERS — "Black Friday Sale" Promotion

Ater a logo was finalized for Park Place Jewelers' annual "Black Friday Sale," numerous coordinating materials were designed, including newspaper ads and a variety of web and social media ads — taking care to keep the look cohesive. The stunning jewelry pieces and the the striking red, black and white design tie the branding campaign together.

Park Place Jewelers Black Friday campaign


In 2019, Ocean Entertainment Group hosted a Travis Tritt concert at Ocean Downs Casino in Berlin, MD. Country music singer and Grammy award-winning musician Tritt rose to fame in 1990 with his debut album 'Country Club' and has since charted more than 40 times on the Hot Country Songs charts, including five number ones ("Help Me Hold On," "Anymore," "Can I Trust You with My Heart," "Foolish Pride," "Best of Intentions") plus 15 additional top ten singles. For publicity, advertising and promotion of the concert, a campaign of marketing materials was created to work with Tritt's established branding. Promotional elements consisted of newspaper ads, social media ads, posters, flyers, concert passes and more.

(Travis Tritt photography by Chuck Arlund)

Ocean Entertainment Group Travis Tritt concert campaign


In 2019, Ocean Entertainment Group hosted the Cirque Musica "Holiday Wishes" show in Salisbury, Maryland. The performance took audiences on a musical journey to a faraway land of dazzling holiday beauty and mystery — blending the grace and thrills of the world’s greatest cirque performers with stunning symphonic music. To announce the show, Ocean Entertainment Group needed an integrated campaign of attention-grabbing marketing materials that worked in concert with Cirque Musica's existing branding and artwork style. Coordinated branding elements consisted of a billboard, newspaper ads, social media ads, posters, concert passes and more.

Ocean Entertainment Group Cirque Musica campaign

OCEAN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP — Extreme Illusions and Escapes

In 2019, Ocean Entertainment Group hosted an Extreme Illusions and Escapes show in Ocean City, Maryland. As one of the largest touring acts of its kind in the USA, Extreme Illusions and Escapes performs exciting routines and pushes the envelope on developing unique experiences for their audiences. Their performances are a mix of amazing stage illusions, skillful escapes, audience participation and exciting music. To help promote the show, Ocean Entertainment Group relied on a marketing campaign that worked with Extreme Illusions and Escapes established branding, including newspaper ads, social media ads, posters and more.

Ocean Entertainment Group Extreme Illusions and Escapes campaign