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Body Balance Yoga Practice Guide


Written and developed by renowned yoga therapist and teacher trainer Jenny Otto (ATSI, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP), the Body Balance Yoga Practice Guide is designed as a supplement for in-between classes and as a visual reference tool for teachers. The follow-along photographs take you step-by-step through the poses and are excellent resources for sequencing your home practice or for use while on the road. A great source of inspiration to help you cultivate your own personal practice, this guide allows you to tailor your practice to accommodate your schedule, your ability and your energy level for the day. It includes more than 200 color photos demonstrating poses and sequences that build upon one another (Warm-Ups, Feet & Toe Exercises, Tennis Ball Exercises, Level I, Level I / II, Level II, Level II / III, Hip Flow Vinyasas, Yoga for Core Stability, American In Paris & American in Germany). Poses are listed in both Sanskrit & English. Its spiral binding assures easy use while practicing.

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I have been studying with Jenny Otto for over 6 years. Jenny educates and engages from a place of strength and understanding, humor and compassion. She willingly steps into the roll of student to learn and grow, and in doing so becomes an ever greater and wiser teacher. She draws on the beauty and breadth of yoga to gift you with wonder and a deep appreciation of the history and science of yoga. I know I will leave each class of Jenny’s with new strategies, exercises and routines that work for me and my students. I start using them right away in my classes. My students love the “Jenny-isms” I bring to my classes. My binders from Jenny Otto’s classes are dog-eared from repeated use. They are my antidote to teaching burnout. Jenny is a living example of the healing power of her practice. Jenny connects to each member of her class, honoring the beauty and inviting deeper acceptance and truer expression. Her teachings brought me to a place of balance, healing and peace with my body. Jenny’s experience, will and playfulness exhort the best from her students. Jenny inspires me in my quest to help me and my students heal and grow on their yogic path. Studying with Jenny will light the way for you to infuse excellence, laughter and love into your practice and teaching.
— Mary Sullivan, Certified Body Balance Yoga Teacher

Jenny’s Therapy Training has given me the insight to know not only how to do certain poses but also WHY. Jenny has an incredible knowledge about the mechanics of the body and how to apply that knowledge to yoga. Every time I teach, I draw from the know-how I gained in this training. It’s an absolute must for anybody who wants to bring his asana to the next level, no matter if you are a teacher or a student who wants to improve his practice.
— Hans Merkl, Yoga Teacher

This program exceeded my expectations... I gained a much more refined understanding of the body as an integrated living organism, and how to offer effective therapeutic exercises that address specific issues... Jenny’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious... My own practice and teaching have been enormously inspired by this program.
— Jeanne Ann Whittington, Licensed Acupuncturist & Certified Body Balance Yoga Teacher

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