PORTFOLIO: Book Design

The Magic Rock


"Oh Magic Rock. Oh, Magic Rock. I Wish For..." This is a story of a small rabbit who finds a beautiful rock one day while taking a walk. He decides to take the rock home to show his mother, not realizing that it is a magical rock which has the power to change his life. A seek-and-find book, young readers are encouraged to search for a hidden 'Mr. Fox' on each page.

The Magic Rock book cover design

The Magic Rock has wonderful illustrations with an exciting twist to find the fox on every page — which kids love! The book is easy to read with an uplifting moral to it — which I love. Perfect for younger children, the story is short and fun with a heart-warming ending. I highly recommend it to anyone with small children. I have shared this book with my friends and nieces, they all loved it!!!! It truly will bring a smile to your face.
— Dorothea

This is a great book for young children. My grandkids like the interactive download. I like the fact they are learning old fashioned values about respect for their family, sharing good fortune, and making peace with their enemy.
— Vaughn H. Baker

This children's book is a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations that capture your eye. My children and grandchildren really love it!
— Laurence J. Malament

The Magic Rock Handbook layout

"Thank you for a great job on my book, The Magic Rock. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. I am getting very positive responses and will recommend your services to others. You made the entire design process comfortable and you're always easy to be in contact with. When I presented the book to the manager at Barnes & Noble, he couldn't believe it was self-published. They actually said it looks like a book from a major publishing house. Thank you again for all of your hard work."

George Vouros