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The Auto Tech's Handbook


To be a winner in the shop requires more than technical skills. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the repair business, recognizing the true value of your customers, and delivering great service are just as important. The Auto Tech’s Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Life in the Repair Business will teach you how to manage your career and develop to your highest potential through a series of valuable lessons such as: mastering the flat-rate pay system, becoming super efficient in the shop, building customer loyalty for higher income, making CSI work for you — not against you and understanding managers and owners. Learn from a Master ASE Technician. The Auto Tech's Handbook is easy-to-read with a series of entertaining stories illustrating the most important lessons every auto tech must learn. Why wait thirty years to gain these essential insights — often the hard way, the most expensive way — when you can get a big jump on it today?

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Dave’s book is not just about fixing cars — it’s about building a career. Dave is among the elite technicians in our industry who have combined a love for automobiles with a dedication to learning and honing his skills. You’ll enjoy reading about his stumbles and his many successes — and you’ll learn that doing things the right way can lead you to a satisfying and well paying job in the automotive industry.
— Mark Huddel, Planner, Technical Training, Nissan North America

Dave’s insight into the auto repair business provides a clear picture of what being an auto technician is all about. This is a must-read for anyone considering a career as a technician, and an eye-opener for experienced technicians as well.
— Tim Hedrick, Service Director, Don Rosen Imports, Philadelphia, PA

The Auto Tech’s Handbook does a great job of imparting knowledge that can otherwise take years to learn on the job. The humorous style makes it an easy read without distracting from the message.
— Ed Metz, Parts Manager, Penske BMW, Cherry Hill, NJ

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(From The Auto Tech's Handbook acknowledgements, page 316)
"Finally, thanks to John Simmons for his countless hours of review and feedback throughout the project, to my sister Sandra for her proofreading, indexing, encouragement, and help, Mike Rhoden for his direction, guidance, and insisting I write the book in the first place, Kevin Sullivan for proofreading, and Tracy Southard for design and layout. If I were to write another book in this lifetime, I would consider myself lucky to have each and every one of the people named above involved once again."

David Ellingsen