Focused on creating clean, functional, aesthetically-appealing, easy-to-navigate sites that adhere to web standards and ADD VALUE value to your business.

There are 4 types of commercial websites:

1. BROCHURE. The website SUPPORTS the business and gives credibility when potential customers vet a business.

2. LEAD-GEN. The website SUPPORTS the business and gathers data to identify potential sales leads. The best strategy is to streamline the site so that it can gather customer information quickly and easily.

3. CATALOG. The website IS the business and presents products for purchase online.

4. MEDIA. The website IS the business and provides content to sell advertising.

OceanWild Design specializes in creating BROCHURE and LEAD-GEN WEBSITES with solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Sites are built using responsive design so that layouts adapt dynamically to fit the screen sizes of phones and tablets.


Your site can be built using either HTML or a Content Management System (CMS) such as Squarespace. HTML sites are hand-coded, custom sites built with CSS, JavaScript and jQuery with dynamic features including sliders, galleries, etc. These sites are not updatable by clients unless using software like Dreamweaver or a text editor. CMS sites are customizable template-based sites that are also feature-rich and will allow you to update the content after the initial site design.


OceanWild Design can service your existing or new website for the areas of your site that may need to be updated regularly (e.g. content, products, prices, annoucements, etc.). Maintenance available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


To begin, it is best to submit the Website Design Brief (79kb) first in order to better understand the overall goals, needs and budget of your project. Pricing is based on the site's complexity, the number of pages and desired features. After acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit and signed contract are required to schedule work.

Body Balance Yoga – School of Yoga Therapy

Designed and developed for Jenny Otto of Body Balance Yoga — a structural integrator and pioneer in the field of yoga therapy since 1990, this custom (HTML5 / CSS3) site features a dynamic slider, contact form and a mobile-responsive design for easy navigation on multiple devices. A business card and other marketing assets were designed to match the website.

BodyBalanceYoga.com Body Balance Yoga website

Local Media Links

This one-page, three-column, curated content site was designed and organized to make it easier to find links to local media outlets for Maryland and Delaware beaches including newspapers, magazines, vacation guides, dining guides, TV stations, radio stations and more — all in one spot. (HTML5 / CSS3, mobile-responsive)

LocalMediaLinks.com Local Media Links website

Long Neck, Delaware Rental

This one-page site was designed and developed as a streamlined tool to showcase a coastal rental property in Long Neck, Delaware. Features a dynamic slider and carousel gallery for viewing property photos. (HTML5 / CSS3, mobile-responsive)

LongNeckDE.com Long Neck Delaware website

Tracy Southard – Yoga Site

Custom (HTML5 / CSS3) site features a dynamic slider, newsletter subscription form and contact form. 100% mobile-responsive design offers easy navigation on multiple devices.

TracySouthard.com Tracy Southard Yoga website


These CMS (Content Management System) sites are currently being designed on a platform with a drag-and-drop functionality that allows site owners to update and manage their own content. These sites are mobile-responsive and provide a solid web presence with good traffic analysis. The major advantage of these types of sites is that the online program allows users to manage and modify content easily, anytime — and edits to a website are uploaded immediately.

website design using CMS